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Free shipping on all orders over $75.00!

International Free Shipping Program

Skydiving Gear Canada will ship to many countries free of charge. We promise there will be no surprise at your door, all duty, taxes and border fee's will be paid in advanced when you purchase through our website.

Free Shipping requirements per country

  • United States: 65.00 USD (0.00% Taxes will be charged by the Website)
  • Mexico: 500.00 USD (16.00% Taxes will be charged by the Website)
  • Colombia: 1000.00 USD (Coming soon)
  • Brazil: 1000.00 USD  (Please note: Due to the complex nature of the brazil border, we will not be able to determine your taxes in advanced. You will receive a bill at the door)

Excluded Products (U.S.A. is excluded from this list)

These items can still go free shipping but do not count towards the total

  • All AADs
  • Clearance Items
  • Parts
  • Weights for weight belts*

*Weight orders may be cancelled