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  • Cookie Flysight Mount

The Cookie FlySight Mount for externally mounting this audible GPS.

This FlySight Mount fits the G3, G4, Fuel and other similar shaped helmets.

The FlySight Mount is mounted with 4 screws, while the Flysight is held in place using an elastic bungee. The shape of this mount allows access to the USB jack, 3.5mm jack and on/off button.

The Flysight can be removed when not in use, leaving only the mount on the helmet.

Developed by Cookie for the G3 helmet with help from Jay Moldeski. Primarily it was designed around the profile of the G3 helmet however it will fit similar profiled helmets like the G4 and Fuel. The best way to install is to position the mount for the best location before getting the drill out to drill the mounting holes.

Note: Flysight Audible GPS not included.

FlySight Mount Assembly

G4 Note: The G4 Helmet is certified to a Skydiving and Wind Tunnel Helmet Standard. To achieve this standard, helmets must pass Impact and Snag Resistance testing. While the FlySight Mount is a good fit against the top surface of the G4, it was not tested according to the XP S 72-600 Standard. Cookie believes that having a FlySight fitted to the G4 helmet would forgo the Snag Test in this standard. It is up to the user to decide whether to mount a FlySight to the G4 helmet knowing that by doing so, it could affect the way the helmet performs when tested to the XP S 72-600 Standard. Since Cookie knows many users will assume the risk of adding mounts onto the G4, they have included a trap-door cutout in the EPP foam for the user to gain access to the top of the shell to add the FlySight Mount.

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Cookie Flysight Mount

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