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Available in 3 sizes:

Regular: Rig with each main & reserve up to 135 sq ft (or 270 sq ft combined)

Large: Rig with each main & reserve up to 220 sq ft (or 440 sq ft combined)

RigSleeve Unpacked: comes in one size and is specifically designed for those who want additional space to store more than just their rig.

(Large size also fit well for smaller rig, contact us for detail)

RigSleeve is the ultimate rig case for your parachute. Designed for versatility, it provides protection for both your skydiving and B.A.S.E. rigs. And unlike a regular gear bag, the RigSleeve is lightweight and sleek, which makes it easy to pack and carry.
When you fly commercially, RigSleeve also makes your travel experience more pleasant by reducing hassle. Looking like a regular backpack, the case causes less security concerns and keeps your rig safely secured.
Its design features make RigSleeve a must-have. Equipped with middle and side ties, the RigSleeve functions as a packing mat and accommodates any packing style.
It has ample room for storage with a front and side pocket as well a water-bottle holder. Most importantly, it features a pair of unique “Handle Sleeves” which help prevent accidental handle pulling.
RigSleeve is available in 2 sizes. Its regular size accommodates a main and reserve up to 135 sq. ft. And its large size holds a main and reserve up to 220 sq. ft.


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