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Financing with Skydiving Gear Canada

1 to 3 Month Payment Plans

Skydiving Gear Canada currently offers in house payment plans on select products.
We offer in house 30% down, 0.00% interest payment plans on custom jumpsuits, custom canopies, and custom containers over the duration of the manufacturing period.
the remaining amount can be paid at completion or over the duration of manufacturing. contact us for details

6 Month to 5 Year Financing Plans

For long term financing we have searched all across Canada to find the best in-house financing solution and there just isn't a good one. The reason for this is the fee's associated would make us have to raise the price of the product to cover the financing costs or charge you a higher then market value interest rate. Instead we suggest you seek out a personal loan and then pay us by E-Transfer. While this is not the ideal solution in terms of ease of use, this is one of the more affordable long term option for lending you can get.

The link below will help you determine the best credit agency to get your loan with. We recommend you get three quotes. One from your bank, One from the bank with the best rate, and one from Borrowell. If you are worried about checking your credit rating, start by using Borrowell. They do a soft check which will not be reported.

Banks with online applications

Banks with offline applications