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Free shipping on all orders over $75.00!

Sub Dealer Program

Applying to the Sub Dealer program is a two step process.

Please start by signing up for a new account on Skydiving Gear Canada -
Account Sign Up

Then E-mail us at " [email protected] " with Details about your company and your account login email (in the event it is different).

What we are looking for

Company Name
If you are a rigger or drop zone
License number and rating
Approximate years in sport
Approximate Jump number


One Sub Dealer per Drop Zone / Rigging Business

Minimum order values for free shipping are placed at $300 CAD. If Minimum is not meet we will hold orders until it is.

Drop shipping is allowed to your general area only. Must meet the $300 Minimum to drop ship.

What about to the United States? We will drop ship to the united sates on your behalf for orders over $300 at no cost to you or the customer. We will handle border paper work also.

Can I share my account? Yes you can, same rules apply to those you share with.

Fine point details

Who pays return shipping? You do

Does your helmet size guarantee carry over to my clients? No they do not, you are responsible for the exchange shipping

If a person orders a wrong helmet can I return it? - Yes as long as it's in the same condition as received and the visor stickers are not removed.

If a person orders a product and doesn't like it can I return it? If factory seals are broken then it can not be returned.

What if it doesn't have factory seals - products like Brilliant Pebbles don't have factory seals and can be returned if opened and in good condition

We have the right to cancel and refund any order in this program

My business is tax exempt can I skip paying the taxes? Yes please send us proof of this to [email protected]

Skydiving Gear Canada is allowed to change the rules, pricing, and anything about this program at any time with out any notice.