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AON2 Brilliant Pebbles Audible Altimeter Bluetooth Edition

Altitude awareness should be an essential commodity, not an unaffordable luxury. 

Audible simplicity – bluetooth edition (now compatible with iPhones™!)

The AON2 Brilliant Pebbles Audible Altimeter Bluetooth Edition has up to 20 diffferent alarms. To set the altitude, simply connect it to a smartphone, tablet or computer and use the AON2 app to change the settings. Set your altitudes, alarm tones, change the volume and more!

With USB-C, iPhone compatibility, and finally Bluetooth, it’s a huge step in the usability of the Brilliant Pebbles audible.

iPhone Compatibility. Compatible with both Android and iOS devices. This has been the most common request to us for the Brilliant Pebbles. AON2 has released an iOS app at the same time as an Android app, so iPhone users can use the Brilliant Pebbles immediately! With no need for a cable, the app is easier to use than ever.

Secure Bluetooth. Convenience AND Security. No other bluetooth audible currently on the market has security on its bluetooth - any device can connect to them, making them vulnerable to connection by mistake, or worse, malicious tampering. Brilliant Pebbles remembers its owners’ phone - once you connect to your audible, it will only allow that particular phone to connect to it, and no one else. This means it can keep its bluetooth always-on - other companies’ audibles need to have the bluetooth turned on manually due to their lack of bluetooth security. This means, you can change the alarm settings of your Brilliant Pebble without even taking it out of your helmet!

USB-C. Brilliant Pebbles finally dispenses with its outdated micro-USB connector in favor of the new USB-C connector. With most devices moving to the USB-C standard, a skydiver can use the same cable to charge their phone, GoPro, Kindle, Brilliant Pebble, and more! This is way ahead of most other audibles which are still using coin cells for batteries.

Technical specifications:
  • Operating altitude: 0 to 30,000ft (0m to 11000m)

  • up to 20 different alarms with 9 different tones

  • works with Android or iOS phones

  • feet or metres setting

  • charging: USB type C

  • wireless, settings can be adjusted during climb to altitude

  • configurable hard deck alarm altitude and speed

  • altitude offset

  • battery life: approximately 1 month or 100 jumps

  • automatic power-off after 16 hours (AAD-like operation)

  • dimensions: 56x41x11mm (same overall as previous version)

  • Automatic app updates and wireless firmware update

Does it work with iPhones?
Yes! It works with both Android phones and iPhones (and tablets).

Can I change the settings in the aircraft?
Yes – you don’t even need to take it out of your helmet!

Can the alarms be a voice saying the altitude?
Unfortunately, the speaker in this device can only do beeps and not a voice.

Is it available in other colours?
At the moment, it’s only available in blue. We will introduce more colours in the future! ????

Does it have a logbook?
No. Please have a look at our digital altimeter, the X2 which has a logbook feature.

Why can’t my phone see my device in the app?
If you’re using Android, please make sure you’ve enabled all app permissions, including Location permission. Please also ensure that Location services are enabled. We don’t track your location, it’s just that Bluetooth usage for the app requires this.

Is it waterproof?
No. To keep its price low, this device is not waterproof.

Is there any security? What if someone connects to my device by accident?
The Bluetooth connection is protected with encryption. When you first pair the Brilliant Pebble (Bluetooth) to your phone, it will remember your phone and only allow your phone to connect. Any other device will be rejected.

But what if I change to a different phone, or use a second phone to change my audible settings?
You will be able to reset the Bluetooth security by pressing the unlock button using a sim card pin, straightened paperclip or similar tool. Then when you pair your new phone to the brilliant pebble, it will lock to that phone and reject other devices. For security, only one device is allowed to connect to the audible at a time. However, your phone can connect to more than one Brilliant Pebble and store several devices in its list.

Can I buy helmet adapters for it?
Yes, it’s exactly the same size as the most recent version of the Brilliant Pebble, so the current adapters work for it as well.

What will happen to the previous version?
The previous version of the Brilliant Pebbles will be discontinued and no longer manufactured.

Help! I’ve dropped my audible in the packing area and can’t find it!
You can use bluetooth to find it! Just open the app, scan for your device, and “test” an alarm to make it beep so you can find it!

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Brilliant Pebbles: Bluetooth Edition

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